• "We’ve been with HPM since February of 2013 and adding units every year. HPM has been instrumental in building up our portfolio every step of the way. They currently manage over 150 units for us and have created a great management model that allows us as owners to communicate as little or as much as we feel necessary. HPM handles everything for us from collecting rent and taking work order to leasing vacant units and paying all of our bills. We look forward to adding more units each year and continue to have HPM manage them."

    R. Street Massilon, OH
  • "Brad and all of HPM have been great to work with. They're quick to respond to issues and questions that we have. Integrity is key to management and I trust Brad to manage our buildings. I sleep well at night knowing HPM is on top of things 24/7"

    Ovi Tisler
  • "HPM has been great to work with for our apartments as an owner! They are always responsive and flexible to our needs and are sensitive to providing a great place to live for our tenants."

    Parker Platt
  • "Very quick and attentive. Every problem or question is always handled or answered with in 24 hrs. They are very understanding and willing to work with their renters. I’m so glad to have them as property managers."

    Brittany Griffen
  • "HPM Manages all of my properties so I can do what I love to do. They are always willing to help and take the worry out of managing rentals. I managed my own for years and it is so good to know everything is handled for me."

    Hidden Hill
  • "HPM recently took over management of our property and has turned the entire place around. Love the new landscaping and updated common areas."

    Billy Brooks
  • "HPM has managed my rentals for many years. I can't say enough good things about how they operate. They are extremely professional and handle any issues promptly and efficiently. I'd recommend them not only to landlords looking for someone to manage their properties, but to any tenants that are looking for a place to call home. They make the rental process easy for everyone involved."

    Matt Obreeza
  • "HPM has managed over 100 homes for me. They have taken so much stress and worry off of my shoulders. It is really simple. They collect the rent, Pay the bills and I get the rest with virtually no worries. An occasional phone call, email, or text is easy to handle. Especially when I know everything is handled. My vacancies get filled fast. Repairs get done right, and slow pay and no pays get dealt with quickly. I could not be happier."

    Brett Rossetti
  • "HPM managed our property for several years. They were in good communication with us and always efficient in communicating the tenant's needs. Overall great experience."

Our dedicated TEAM approach allows each department to specialize in the various aspects of property management.

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